A Showcase for Seashell Art
Mermaid's Garden

"This miniature picture, standing less than 6" high, won a third-place ribbon at
the 2006 Sanibel Shell Show, and a first-place ribbon at the 2006
Philadelphia Shell Show.  The picture was created within a large white
Scallop Shell, with the picture frame stand created with pearlized Trocus and
center-cut white Cerithium shells.  The picture, under protective glass, is
surrounded by white coral.  The flower petals and buds, extending from a
Scallop shell & Coral vase, were created with pink Fairy Tellin, white Tellin,
pink & white Lilac Shells, and white Pikaki shells.  The flower stamen are
green and purple Sea Urchin Spines.  The flower stems were created with
pink Sea Whip and white & green Tusk shells.  And, the little fish swimming
amongst the flowers were created with vintage dyed Gar Scales, with tiny
bright Swarovski crystal eyes."